Volunteer... we have a mission, should you wish to accept it

Jo and Fiona Christmas Eve

The festive season is sure one of happiness and joy, getting together with friends and family and overindulging a bit more than usual.

Unfortunately, excesses don't come cheap when it comes to food waste. At The Felix Project we expect a 50% increase in surplus food needed to be rescued and redistributed in the run up to Xmas.

And we need more help than usual to ensure no food is wasted.

So we have a little mission for you, should you wish to accept it...

The Mission

Volunteering infographic

We are recruiting a special volunteer force to support us from 21st till 24th of December... and we need you!

We expect to be able to rescue 50 tonnes of food during those days along, enough for 100,000 meals.

For every hour volunteered, you will help save and deliver food for 100 meals!


We will need extra help in both our Park Royal and Enfield depots, but the urgency is greater in the Enfield area.

Remember, inductions for new volunteers will be done at the start of each shift, so it’s easy for new friends to join us!

Register through our volunteer portal today.

Depot locations


Volunteer in our North London depot, saving up to 50 tonnes of food from being wasted.

Unit 24, Great Cambridge Industrial Estate

Tel: 020 3034 4370

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Volunteer in our West London depot. If you have flexibility, please consider Enfield, as that's where our biggest demand currently exists.

Unit 6, Kendal Court, Kendal Avenue
W3 0RU

Tel: 020 3034 4360