One in three Londoners will use a food bank this Christmas. We urgently need your help this holiday season to fight hunger in London, by delivering food for 3 million meals to over 900 local charities for those most in need. No one should go hungry.

No Londoner Hungry

Christmas Appeal faces of food crisis Christmas Appeal faces of food crisis

These are just some of the faces behind the food crisis sweeping our Nation. Scroll below to read their stories. This year, many more of us will struggle to afford food over the holiday period. Please help if you can. Donate today.

I graduated uni but had no work experience. Then COVID hit, my Dad was laid off. I've been coming to the food bank for 6 months. The food we get is really important. Having that extra security just really helps.

Dylan, 22, graduate in West London

It’s extremely moving to see a line of people down the street waiting for your arrival. The food is quite extraordinary - stuff I hanker for when I go to the supermarket. Really exceptional fish and extraordinary cuts of meat.

Julia, Felix volunteer

Since coming out of the military my quality of life is a bit up and down. Life isn't easy but everyone has to make the most out of a bad situation. I know I'm going to get a good lunch. The food varies from day to day.

Colin, veteran in North London

On the 23rd we're doing a big Christmas meal and handing out Christmas toys as well. The Felix Project gives us fruit, veg, meat, massive pumpkins, cakes, treats, gluten-free chickpea pasta, plant based milk, pheasant, lamb. Families depend on us and what we provide.

Michelle Donelly, CEO, Children with Voices

What I didn't know was how much food surplus was generated by the food industry. It amazes me the quality of the food that we receive. The food just used to get binned - and there was nothing wrong with it. Christmas is incredibly busy because it is such a time of need.

Tim, Felix volunteer

Lunchtime fills me up and carries me through for the rest of the day.

Philip, homeless, North London

I'm out of work at the moment. It's nice to get a cooked meal. It could be chicken or fish, always with a different, fresh bit of salad. It's nice to get a bit of interaction with people.

Paul, roofer in East London

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Our Fundraising Promise

We are proud to keep a high spend efficiency. 81p in every £1 you give spent in preventing food waste and delivering surplus food to charities feeding vulnerable people in London.