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Want to raise awareness of food waste and food poverty in your classroom, and make a difference at the same time? You’ve come to the right place!

There are tons of ways to tie in fundraising for The Felix Project with the curriculum. Whether it’s linking the importance of healthy food with Cooking and Nutrition, or environmental and waste issues with Geography and Citizenship. When it comes to fundraising, here are some fundraising ideas to get you going:

Zero-Waste Cake Sale. Host a cake sale using food that often gets wasted, such as bananas and carrots.

Non-Uniform Day. Throw a non-uniform day and ask each pupil to make a small donation. Give it a theme by asking the children to go green for Felix, or wear the colour of their favourite food.

Felix Sports Day. Get your school fit for Felix with a charity sports day. Whether their bananas for football, rounders or the two-legged relay, get them active and raising a few bob for Felix.

Foodie Quiz. Run a quiz and ask each pupil to make a donation to take part. Put in some food and waste related rounds, and encourage some friendly competition.

You could always focus your fundraising around a key date to make an impact, such as World Hunger Day on 28th May or World Environment Day on 5th June.

We’d love to hear about what you’ve got planned and support you in your fundraising! Get in touch with Rebecca in our fundraising team at Rebecca@thefelixproject.org.

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