Join #TeamFelix for the Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon 2021

We are ecstatic that you want to join #TeamFelix running the Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon 2021! You will not only be running one of the most beautiful routes in the Capital.. you will fight food waste and feed Londoners in need with every step you take.

Royal Parks


  • Event Type: Running
  • Event Date: April 11th 2021
  • Event Distance: 13.1miles
  • Reg Fee: £25
  • Minimum Sponsorship: £400
  • Location: London

Please use the form below to sign up. You will only have to pay £25 now as entry fee and you will receive you complimentary #TeamFelix awesome running kit!

Why join #TeamFelix?

  • Official partners: We are official partners of London Marathon Events, so for 2021 we have a special Felix celebration tent for post-run festivities!
  • Dedicated support: Running a half marathon is no easy feat, but we will help you get there all the way!
  • Fight food waste: We have rescued over 7 tonnes of food surplus in the first half of 2020
  • Feed Londoners in need: your target fundraising of £400 would help deliver enough food for 2,200 meals to local organisations like food banks, homeless shelters, schools or Covid-19 food hubs
  • Help the planet: by preventing food waste, you are protecting the environment too! Every kilo of food waste we prevent means less food going to landfill and producing harmful methane.