Every year we waste 1/3 of the world's food. Help The Felix Project rescue surplus food, so that fewer people in London go hungry.

Food waste in the UK

We waste 10 million tonnes of food in the UK every year. Yet almost 2 million people in London don’t have enough to eat, including almost half a million children. This is a scandal that we can all do something about. The Felix Project rescues food that is at risk of being wasted and uses it to feed people in need.

Fight hunger in London

We work with organisations across the food industry to rescue surplus food. We sort it in our warehouses and then deliver it to food banks, community kitchens, refuges, and schools all over London. This food is of good quality and includes vegetables, fruit, meat and dairy. Without The Felix Project, thousands of tonnes of good food would be thrown away every year.

Join the movement

Thousands of Londoners are fighting to end hunger and food waste in our city. Join them and help people in your local area today.

  • 125k meals delivered daily
  • 980 charities & schools helped with free food
  • 8,339 tonnes of food rescued
  • 21.1 million meals delivered last year