£20/month delivers food for 3 meals a day

Your monthly donation will help us feed hungry londoners today, and tomorrow.


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The Felix Project started with one woman and a van back in 2016 in West London, as a legacy to the memory of a young boy called Felix.

We are now London's leading charity working to fight hunger and food waste, helping 430,000 Londoners every week with our deliveries to food banks, shelters, community kitchens and schools across the capital.

Thanks to thousands of generous Londoners supporting us, last year we delivered over 30 million meals for people in need of food.

But we need to do more - the UK's hunger crisis is growing rapidly and we need to grow too. Over the next 5 years, we want to deliver more than twice what we do now, to help more people than ever.

We are only missing you.


Dylan landscape

Felix food helps Londoners like Dylan, a 22-year-old graduate who struggled when the pandemic hit and his Dad was laid off work. Felix food helped Dylan and his father to get by when things were tight and now Dylan volunteers to help others at his local food bank.

1 in 3 Londoners like Dylan visit a food bank occasionally. A regular gift made today means we can keep delivering good-quality food for those most in need.

Where your donation goes

81p in every £1 is spent directly on our mission to rescue and deliver surplus food for people in need. We run a huge logistics operation spanning four warehouses, one kitchen, one green scheme and hundreds of vans. Over 800 amazing volunteers work tirelessly 6 days a week to fight hunger and food waste, which keeps the running of Felix as efficient as possible.