The Felix Project provides healthy free food to vulnerable London families through a network of primary schools and other community organisations. With a focus on nutritious food that supports the health and development of children and young people, we are not just filling stomachs; we are levelling the playing field to help them thrive.  

£38.40 can provide 100 meals to hungry children and Londoners; a monthly gift of only £11.90 delivers a meal a day for someone in need.

Child hunger in London is real

London is a world-leading cultural and economic capital, but child hunger hides in plain sight in every borough ​ 

Even those in work are struggling: last year, more than a quarter of working parents were forced to skip meals on multiple occassions so their children could eat. 

We are on a mission to change that: last year alone, we delivered 1 million kgs of healthy nutritious food for school families to take home and cook up to 2.2 million meals. 

levelling the playing field, one healthy bite at a time

Poor nutrition can impact every aspect of a child's life.  Their physical health and growth, focus and learning, mental health and social skills can all suffer compared to children with healthy diets.  

That’s why fresh fruit and veg make up more than half of the food we provide to schools and families.  


Bringing food to a school near you

The 50,000 meals we deliver through schools each week feed children in every community – including in families near you. 

Every one of these schools needs more Felix food. And we have over 200 schools on our waiting list, more than ever, also desperately waiting for food to support their most vulnerable families.