1.2 million Londoners live in food poverty. Food inflation is at its highest since 45 years, hitting the most vulnerable hardest.

Your donation will help us ease the burden for many Londoners by fueling our mission to rescue and redistribute good food for those in need.

£50 delivers 145 meals. Or set up a monthly gift of £10.2 to feed a fellow Londoner daily.

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Life is getting very expensive. I can’t afford all the bills. Without this service, we’d be eating food from the rubbish bins.

Mona, 66, West London


London has a hunger problem -and we are tackling it head on.

The Felix Project is a London charity working with businesses to rescue their good quality surplus food - food that would otherwise go to waste - and deliver it free of charge to hundreds of local charities and schools in London to help children and families, the elderly, the homeless, and more.

Right now, there are close to 600 charities on our waiting list for food and over 1000 we already supply who need more food.

Our Accountability

79p in every £1 is spent directly on our mission to rescue and deliver surplus food for people in need. We run a huge logistics operation spanning four warehouses, one kitchen, one green scheme and hundreds of vans. Over 800 amazing volunteers work tirelessly 6 days a week to fight hunger and food waste, which keeps the running of Felix as efficient as possible.