1.2 million Londoners live in food poverty. Food inflation is at its highest since 45 years, hitting the most vulnerable hardest. London needs you, now.

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London needs us now

1 in 5 a.2 million Londoners are currently living in food poverty. 1 in 7 parents in London are struggling to feed their children.

This is a hunger crisis. And it's happening now.

Meanwhile, in the UK we still waste tonnes of good food every day. There is 3 million tonnes of good food in surplus, food that could be used by people in need.

The Felix Project rescues some of this surplus food from across the food industry. We work with supermarkets, restaurants, farms and more. We deliver this food for free to over 1,000 charities and schools to help children and families, the elderly, the homeless, and more.

Where your donation goes

79p in every £1 is spent directly on our mission to rescue and deliver surplus food for people in need. We operate four warehouses, one kitchen, one green scheme and hundreds of vans to deliver good, safe food to charities and schools in every London borough. We deliver 30M meals for Londoners in need every year.

Life is getting very expensive. I can’t afford all the bills. Without this service, we’d be eating food from the rubbish bins.

Mona, 66, West London

What I didn't know was how much food surplus was generated by the food industry. It amazes me the quality of the food that The Felix Project rescues for people in need.

Tim, Felix volunteer

It’s extremely moving to see a line of people down the street waiting for your arrival. The food is quite extraordinary - stuff I hanker for when I go to the supermarket. Really exceptional fish and extraordinary cuts of meat.

Julia, Felix volunteer

There’s no reason for children to be starving or going hungry with the amount of surplus food that’s out there.

Michelle Dornelly , Children with Voices in Hackney