Every day, 400,000 children in London have the same thing for dinner. Nothing.

Let's fill millions of empty plates with nutritious food and help London´s families eat during the cost of living crisis.

£50 donated provides 225 meals. Or set up a monthly gift of £6.92 to feed a fellow Londoner daily.

Help fight hunger every day of the year

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Felix food reaches children and families, the elderly, the homeless, domestic abuse survivors, refugees and migrants - and increasingly also nurses, teachers and carers who are struggling with the rising cost of living.

Your donations help deliver food for Londoners like Mona, a 66-year-old grandmother who lives in Kensington, where the Grenfell tragedy took place. She moved to the area when it was affordable. Now, she can no longer afford to pay her bills. Felix food keeps her going week by week, after her heart surgery.

“I wait for Wednesdays all week," she says "I open the fridge and there’s nothing there. I wait for Wednesday. When Wednesday comes my fridge is full.”


The Felix Project rescues and delivers surplus food. Surplus food is in extra supply. It is donated to us from businesses across the food industry - including all the top supermarkets, restaurants, farms and more. If we did not use it, it would be wasted.

Felix food is fresh, nutritious and high quality - including veg, fruit and meat. Because our food is surplus and we don't have to buy it, your donation delivers more fresh food than it otherwise could.

During the cost of living crisis, we have become London's fourth emergency service. We supply the food banks, shelters, children's charities, primary schools, churches, mosques and other charities that keep the capital running.


Thanks to the thousands of Londoners who already donate to Felix, we are able to deliver 30 million meals a year.

We are only missing you.

Fundraising costs

We are proud to keep a high spend efficiency. 81p in every £1 you give spent in preventing food waste and delivering surplus food to charities feeding vulnerable people in London.