Every day, 400,000 children in London have the same thing for dinner. Nothing.

Let's fill millions of empty plates with nutritious food and help London´s families eat during the cost of living crisis.

£50 donated provides 225 meals. Or set up a monthly gift of £6.92 to feed a fellow Londoner daily.

Help fight hunger every day of the year

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4 in 10 parents on low incomes are already skipping meals to ensure they have food for their children

The cost of butter has increased by almost 30%.

We are already receiving record levels of calls from the public asking for food – more than we experienced during any pandemic lockdowns.

We can react quickly and at scale, but we need donations to do so. Just £5 will deliver 22 meals from surplus food. Will you join our Empty Plate Emergency Appeal to fill the plates of millions of Londoners?


The Felix Project is a London charity using surplus food to feed people in need. We take donations of good quality surplus food from supermarkets, wholesalers, restaurants and more. We deliver this food free of charge to over 1000 local charities and schools.

Our food is fresh, nutritious and high quality - including veg, fruit and meat. Thanks to the thousands of Londoners who already donate to Felix, we were able to deliver 30 million meals last year.

We are only missing you.

With the support of our partners

Our Accountability

We are proud to keep a high spend efficiency. 81p in every £1 you give spent in preventing food waste and delivering surplus food to charities feeding vulnerable people in London.