More children in East London live in poverty without regular access to healthy food than anywhere else in the UK or Europe.

The Felix Project is coming to East London, launching the biggest food rescue and delivery operation in the country - including London’s first kitchen making ready meals from surplus food.

We’re on a mission to deliver 100,000 meals this summer for children and families in need across Tower Hamlets, Hackney, and Newb, amongst other.

We would see a lot more hungry children if food deliveries from Felix stopped

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2020 has been a devastating year. According to our research, an extra 2.25 million meals will be needed to fight hunger in London this winter because of the impact of coronavirus on our capital. This means more people than ever will go hungry unless we do something to help them. The Felix Project is on a mission to rescue & deliver more good food this Christmas than we ever have before - at least 2.25 million meals in December alone, for Londoners in need. Feeding people cannot wait. Let's fill the hunger gap caused by COVID. Donate today to fight hunger in London.

About The Felix Project

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The Felix Project rescues food that is surplus - which means it is good quality, safe and nutritious but unable to be sold. We deliver this food to charities and schools, to help people in need.

We believe that good food should never be wasted, especially while children, the elderly, the homeless and more go hungry.

Over 1/3 of our food helps children & families.
Almost 1/3 helps the homeless.
1/3 goes to other vulnerable groups like the elderly, domestic abuse survivors and refugees.

Our Fundraising Promise.

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