Feeding London with imperfectly perfect surplus food

Take great food that's at risk of going to waste while being perfectly safe to eat. Add a kitchen, hundreds of volunteers and a bunch of amazing chefs who transform this food into delicious meals. Season with enthusiasm and care. Add hundreds of community organisations across London to distribute the Felix Meals to people at risk of going hungry.

You have the recipe for Felix's Kitchen.


We are pretty chuffed to have been able to save so much surplus food and feed thousands of Londoners every day, but sadly this is nowhere near enough. In the UK, 10 million tonnes of food is wasted every year. Every day, in London alone 400,000 children go hungry.

Every day, our amazing team of staff and volunteers chop, slice, cook and pack enough food to feed over 4,000 people a day, and counting!

If you can, come volunteer with us or consider donating. With your help, we can save good food for good causes, and make sure that no-one in London goes hungry.

His Majesty King Charles III visiting Felix's Kitchen and our Poplar Depot in February 2023.


With a little help from our friends...