London has a hunger crisis, 1.5 million adults in London struggle to afford to eat every day and we know 1 in 4 working parents struggle to afford to feed their families on a regular basis. Here at The Felix Project we are working tirelessly to make sure no good food is wasted, but instead gets to the most vulnerable people across London, but we need your help.

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We accept one-off and regular donations including frozen food, unpicked produce and that with super-short shelf-life. In truth, we pick up almost anything. If you’re unsure, just ask!

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We like what you’re doing and what you’re trying to achieve. And if we can assist and help, it makes us feel a lot better with what we're doing! I like the feel of the people that I've met and dealt with both on site here and in Park Royal. It seems like one big happy family.

Keith Ward , Chairman , Western International Market Tenants Association Ltd

Felix have been so efficient at every stage. Your level of organisation and professionalism across absolutely everything has enabled us to, with minimal effort, be able to help service what you're doing. The key has been the level of organisation, which is frankly far in excess of anything I've really seen anywhere else. I didn't expect it, the efficiency of everybody at every stage of the production cycle, it’s worked. And it’s been brilliant, actually.

Peter Hall , Owner , H.E. Hall & Son LTD

I think it’s the people in the team, their ability to make real human connections with partners and bend their offering to the needs of the supplier. Your flexibility is definitely a real selling point. The biggest thing is I don't need to worry, I'm not having to jump into calls or deal with loads of issues. It just works. You're a great brand, you've got a great story behind it, it's been really great to elevate you in our support.

Abbie Mines , Sustainability Manager , Ocado Retail

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