Right now, nearly 4.7 adults and 2 million children in London are going hungry every day. To respond to this food crisis, The Felix Project is working hard to get good food to the most vulnerable, but we need your help.

  • We redistribute the surplus food free of charge to local food banks, homeless shelters, primary schools and other organisations
  • We accept a wide variety of food, and even have the capability to turn around short dated items.

If your business has food available, please don’t let it go to waste. We can accept deliveries or collect and redistribute from any of our four depots in and around London.


Are you a supermarket, restaurant, food wholesaler, manufacturer or a similar business looking to reduce your food waste while helping to tackle hunger in London?

Please fill in the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible. If you prefer to speak to someone directly, just call 020 3034 4350 or email [email protected]


We would love to hear from you if your farm has a surplus or downgraded fruit or vegetables. We will provide tools, equipment, transport and volunteers to harvest and pack the produce, or a van to collect it if it has already been picked.

We are fully insured to manage volunteers on farms and we always have a trained first aider supervising the day. We ensure our volunteers behave with the utmost consideration to the farmer, the farm and the produce.

Frequentely asked questions


What food do you collect?

We collect:

  • Fresh produce – veg, fruit, bread, salad, etc.
  • Ambient produce – tins, packets, boxes, eggs etc.
  • Chilled products – raw meat/fish, dairy products, ready meals, drinks, etc.
  • Frozen foods
  • Food to go – sandwiches, salads, soups, etc.

The only produce we cannot currently collect is:

  • Alcohol
  • Loose items not packaged or labelled such as bakery or deli counter items
  • Unlabelled prepacked for direct sale (PPDS) items
  • Food that has been warmed or prepared, such as buffet or event food
  • Food that has exceeded its use-by. Please note, we may be able to accept food if it has passed its best-before date, if the manufacturer can guarantee that the food is still safe to consume

For more information, see our Food Offers Guideline.


What about split packaging?

We don’t want to see good food going to waste, especially due to cross-contamination. So we ask that damaged packaging be re-sealed (e.g. wrapped with tape or put in a plastic bag) before we collect it from. If there’s any chance cross-contamination has occurred, we’ll make sure that food isn’t passed on to any charity.


Are your vans refrigerated?

Yes. All our vans are refrigerated and kept at 5˚C or below.


How often do you collect?

This is entirely up to you. You’re the experts on your own stock levels and stock rotation processes. We’ll just ask about the most convenient time and create a collection schedule that works for everyone.


Can I donate outside of the collection/delivery schedule?

We’re pretty flexible. If you ever find you have extra surplus food at a time outside of your regular collection schedule then just call us. We’ll do our very best to help.


How should we store the food beefore you collect it?

It all depends on the amount of food you have. Most supermarkets store their surplus in crates, which we can then return. Some wholesalers lift pallets on to our vans. Some suppliers prefer us to bring our own crates. Whatever works for you.


Does our food go straight to charities?

We bring all food back to our warehouse first. That’s where our team follow our own quality control process.

This makes sure that all food is fit to be passed on to our charities. We check for things like Use By dates, cross-contamination or anything with meat, poultry or fish in it. If we receive multi-packs in which one item is mouldy, we’ll discard the mouldy piece and save the rest.


What happens to your food waste?

The small amount of food waste we have goes into anaerobic digestion.


Which charities receive the food we give you?

By working with us, you’re not just supporting us. You’re supporting local charities that are then supporting some of the most vulnerable people in your community. All of the charities we deliver to are helping those at the greatest risk of food poverty. Some provide cooking lessons to children or provide a decent meal to the homeless. Others cook meals for the elderly or support those recovering form substance abuse.

To find out more about our charity partners, just head to Our Charities Page.


Why do suppliers like working with you?

  • We’re reliable – If we say we are going to be somewhere at a certain time, we will be there.
  • We’re friendly – We love what we do and it makes us happy to know that suppliers like you share our vision for reducing surplus food and food poverty.
  • We don’t charge – There is no cost to you for collecting your surplus food. (Also, we do not and will not charge our charities – we are funded solely by donations.)
  • We’re convenient – The easier things are for you, the better. So we’ll agree the best days and times for us to stop by and pick up your surplus food.
  • We really do appreciate any amount of support – It’s not just us who are grateful when you go to the trouble of setting aside your surplus food. So is each of the charities we deliver to and every individual or family who benefits.

Can I donate my food to Felix as an individual?

We currently accept food in large quantities from businesses. If you are an individual with food you would like to donate, please get in touch with The Trussel Trust or with the Independent Food Aid Network.

We've donated to the Felix Project for some time now and find them really easy to work with. You'd barely know the arrangement was in place once you've got into a routine.

Tim Richards , Deputy Branch Manager , Waitrose

We’re a company that works with every seasonable product that’s available in this country, and The Felix Project come every morning to collect our food surplus

Charlie Mash , Founder , Mash

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