Free of charge, we can provide your school, college or youth club with a weekly delivery of nutritious surplus food. Schools, you could use this food during the school day to enhance your curriculum or as a provision to supplement your breakfast club or after school club offer. Colleges you could use the food to create a Pay As You Feel market run by the students or as a catalyst for environmental activism and discussion. Youth clubs, why not use it for cooking activities, or for cooking lunches in the holidays.

There are many ways Felix food could be used across the communities and activities you are involved with. Let your imagination go wild, we’d love to see what fertile young minds can do with our food.


Youth-Led Food Redistribution Models

The Felix Project aims to rescue as much good food from going to waste as possible. We want this food to have a positive impact on the lives of the people who receive it, socially, economically and environmentally. We believe putting young people in the driving seat of creating models that will create positive change with our food will help us on our mission.

To help activate and engage the young people we can offer an orientation visit to one of our warehouses. They will get to see and could also take part in the action and get a real understanding of what The Felix Project does, day-2-day.

We can offer the opportunity for them to be volunteers for a shift, taking part in the journey of Felix food from arriving in the warehouse to going to a community organisation.

Once food deliveries start, the young people are responsible for receiving weekly deliveries from The Felix Project. They will be responsible for food safety checks and stock management.

Supported by The Felix Project, we will work with them to plan the best process of food redistribution to achieve their objectives. Would they like to make and deliver food parcels to the community? Would they like to set up a social supermarket with members paying a weekly membership fee? Do they want to cook meals to bring together different elements of the local community?

The youth-led food redistribution models can help young people get an experience of community engagement whilst taking ownership for a project. This will help them to develop those all-important skills and experiences that are so vital to building personal statements, adding depth to their CVs and gain first-hand experience of this kind of project based activity. This is just one example of how we can support your school, college or youth club to use our food.

If your school, college, or youth club would like to take part in a similar programme please email [email protected].

The Felix Project does not provide food to individuals. If you are in need of assistance, please use these resources to find help in your area.

Youth Volunteering and Employability Programme

The youth volunteering and employability programme aims to provide opportunities for young people to gain work experience at our facilities and collaboration with our corporate partners. Aimed at 16+ young people, they are challenged to volunteer for three shifts at The Felix Project. In exchange they will receive three employability sessions. The programme kicks off with an introduction session so the young people can learn all about The Felix Project.

Volunteering Shifts

The young people can volunteer in Felix’s Kitchen helping to prepare meals and pack them ready to be distributed or in one of our warehouses where they sort and prepare food orders for distribution to community organisations. They get to experience working alongside a range of Felix staff and volunteers who train and support them throughout.

Employability Sessions

The employability sessions are bespoke, tailored to the interests of each group and what stage they are at in life. The Felix Team works with the young people to find out what areas they want to work on and what sectors they are interested in. We will then aim to find volunteers from our corporate partners working in this area to provide real-life practical advice to help them enter that sector.

If your school, college, or youth club would like to take part in a similar programme, or you are an employee interested in working with young people on their employability skills please email [email protected]


The Felix Project is entrepreneurial, ambitions and innovative. We are very open to ideas and want to hear what projects young people want to take part in and run. Have an idea that Felix food would enhance? Get in touch! Email [email protected]

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