Food Waste Funding for The Felix Project

The Felix Project has been awarded funding in the first round of the government Food Waste Fund to substantially reduce food waste from businesses. We will use the grant to redistribute new meat and fish supplies, which is a category of food that accounts for 31% of total food wasted in England.

Funding will help get food currently going to waste onto people’s plates

We will start increasing the amount of fresh meat and fish we deliver to existing charities pretty much straight away, increasing the volume over time. Currently, we deliver 40 tonnes of food per week, to 250 frontline charities and 60 primary schools in deprived areas of London. We have a waiting list of charities and schools who would like to receive food.

Justin Byam Shaw, Founder of The Felix Project said: “Now, with the Government behind us, The Felix Project can help lead the way in getting this mountain of great, surplus food to those who really need it.”

Suppliers often reduce food surplus they produce when they start working with The Felix Project

We collect good surplus food from 165 suppliers. The food we redistribute is surplus to requirements for various reasons such as misprinting, stock control issues, damaged packaging, overproduction and customer returns. Suppliers are happy that we get their good surplus food to charities and schools and at the same time, we often find they reduce the waste they produce when they start working with us. As part of the grant, we will prepare materials for suppliers about how and why to avoid generating food waste and the quantitative and qualitative benefits in supplying surplus food to people.

We’d love to hear from suppliers and volunteers who want to redistribute surplus food

The additional money will enable us to collect food from existing suppliers who could also supply us with meat and fish which is not currently being redistributed, and new local specialist meat and fish suppliers who are not re-distributing their surplus at the moment.

If you’re a supplier who would like to give us food, please get in touch

If you’d like to volunteer to help collect and deliver food, it’s simple to sign up and we’d love to hear from you