Let’s celebrate our warehouse space!

3 May 2024

The Felix Project is celebrating the Year of Warehousing. The UK Warehousing Association (UKWA) has made 2024 the year to recognise the role all warehouses play in the UK’s supply chain and economy. 

As part of the celebrations Mantas Keblis, Head of Distribution and Richard Smith, Head of Food Supply were invited to a parliamentary event where the organisation unveiled their manifesto. It calls on the government to implement measures designed to support and innovate the sector. 

It follows a visit from UKWA Chief Executive, Clare Bottle to two of The Felix Projects four depots. In 2024 Clare will visit 80 warehouses across the country, to see the wide range of industries and businesses that rely on the large spaces.  In March she visited Park Royal and Poplar to learn more about what The Felix Project does and see how we make the most of our warehousing space. Around 8% of the UK workforce is employed in logistics and warehousing however more than 50% of Felix staff play a part in those areas – showing just how vital it is. 

The Felix Project was one of the few charities to make the list. Mantas, who showed Clare round said: “Quite simply without our warehouse space we could not do what we do and it was a privilege to have Clare here and explain what we do to help those experiencing food insecurity. Not only that, it was also a great opportunity for us to learn more from UKWA about how we can improve our operations, our health and safety and our environmental impact. I hope that some of the things we learned will help us work more efficiently and ultimately help us to rescue more food and feed more people.” 

Clare adds: “The Felix Project is one of the most heart-warming of the many warehouse visits I’ve made this year. To see a warehouse operation where you never know what stock is coming in or what workforce you'll have, with a kitchen creating 4,000 ready meals each day, was both humbling and inspiring. The national Year of Warehousing campaign is all about showcasing the astonishing variation of activities and great achievements across our sector, and The Felix Project certainly hit the mark. It was an honour to learn about such a wonderful charity with warehousing at its heart!”