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Our Day at Wholefoods

Wholefoods give 5% of their till takings to The Felix Project

Looks like they really are wholesome in their approach to food…

Last week I spent an entire day hanging around Wholefoods in Piccadilly with The Felix Project, where I was both chatted to and tactically dodged throughout the day.

It might be helpful if I explain why I was there – on the 22nd of June, Wholefoods did a 5% community giving day for us – 5% of their till takings in London went to The Felix Project to help us continue to fight food waste and food poverty. Wholefoods stepped up to the mark, showing how much they value good food by supporting us to stop it going to waste.

The response we got from shoppers in the stores was varied, but always fun. After having a chat with one of our volunteers, one man went and bought his whole wine fridge for the summer because he knew 5% of what he paid was going to us – why not get pissed and do a good thing at the same time, right?

Of course, there were those who did the whole lets-not-make-eye-contact thing and, fair enough, they just came in to get a bit of lunch rather than talk to some random person in a bright green T-shirt. However, we didn’t have any bad responses, and all the volunteers came away with big smiles. I was even given a free Mochi (a japanese ball of ice cream) by a shopper! Even if this man was only flirting with me, he still stopped to listen to what The Felix Project is doing. That was what we wanted from our presence in the shops, and we were definitely successful!

Our day at Wholefoods showed that the issue of food waste and food poverty is really being taken seriously by the big names in the food industry, and we can’t thank Wholefoods enough for giving us this opportunity.

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