Statement on Ukraine

Like so many in the UK, we have been appalled and devastated by the plight of people in Ukraine facing the desperation and suffering of war. We wholeheartedly support the efforts of the Disasters Emergency Committee and the International Committee of the Red Cross as they work tirelessly to help those most affected and to seek solutions to the growing humanitarian crisis.

We have responded rapidly. Extra supplies of food have been shared with our partner Food For All (FFA) who will be delivering it to Poland in the coming days. We are in close contact with FFA to understand what more we may be able to contribute.

Our core purpose is to support communities in London. Even before the conflict, we knew that the rising cost of living and energy prices would have a direct impact on the community organisations we work with and their beneficiaries. We now know that the sharp spike in fuel costs in the coming days will impact millions in the capital, and there may also be food shortages or price increases on basic staples such as bread, meat and dairy.

The Felix Project will continue in its mission to source as much surplus food as possible to support the millions of Londoners who will slip further into poverty or food insecurity over the next few months. We already support refugees and asylum seekers across the capital through a range of our dedicated community partners. We will continue to work closely with those organisations to ensure that, should there be a rise in demand for food from Ukrainian refugees able to enter the UK, we will do all we can to meet it.