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Stop Food Waste Day

Stop Food Waste Day

Volunteers and staff at the Felix Project collect surplus food from suppliers and deliver it, free of charge, to vulnerable people via charities and schools in London. Today, on Stop Food Waste Day, and each and every day of the year, the food that we save is used to provide healthy meals that are enjoyed by people in need.

Stopping food waste, each and every day

The Felix Project's approach to reducing food waste is socially and environmentally conscious. Our Central London routes are 100% green. Volunteers use electric vans, walk or cycle to pick up from stores and delis and deliver direct to charities who support people including the elderly, homeless and refugees. Our outer London depots are community-centred food redistribution hubs. Volunteer drivers and co-drivers follow a delivery and collection route, collecting from local suppliers and delivering to local charities and primary schools.

Enough food for nearly 5 million meals a year

Each week, nearly 40 tonnes of food from the food industry is redistributed, which is enough to make nearly 5 million meals a year. It’s a wonderfully simple model that goes some way to address the twin scandal of food waste and food poverty.

Volunteer with Felix to save good food for good causes

If you have a few hours to spare one morning, afternoon or evening, our volunteer programme is a wonderful way to stop food from being wasted and get it to people who are vulnerable. The shifts are flexible to fit around other commitments, and you'll be part of a friendly and welcoming team.

The Felix Project Video

Video of volunteers collecting and redistributing food in London

Yan, who has been working with The Felix Project as an intern across different aspects of our operation, produced a video to give our supporters an insight into our work. We hope it inspires you to get involved too!

2019 News


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“Food from Felix makes it affordable for us to provide lunches for our young people."

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Kitchen Social vision is for free holiday provision of activities and meals

Food fuels activities for young people at Islington holiday club

Extra-special lunch at Prospex Underground Youth Centre

Fantastic Support from Renault Pro+

Electric vans reduce carbon emissions

With a little help from our friends...

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