The Big Give: 2 million meals for children this summer

The Felix Project has teamed up with The Big Give and The Childhood Trust to deliver 2 million meals for children in need this summer.

Every £10 donation – when doubled - will deliver 140 meals for children in need of a nutritious meal.

The Felix Project delivers a lot of fresh fruit and veggies, and lots of things that I can make healthy and creative meals for my kids. It’s an amazing charity, and I’m so grateful for all they’re doing for me and for other parents. Allison , single mum of four children

How could my donation help children?

We are urgently raising funds for our Primary Schools and Holiday Programmes, so we can provide 2 million meals for some of London’s most vulnerable children - families hardest hit by the cost of living crisis.

We deliver 100 – 150kg of good food every week to 150 schools across London for children and their families, who are then able to collect the food from after-school market stalls. This food is surplus, meaning it is in extra supply. If we did not repurpose it, the food would go to waste.

Outside of term-time, we redirect this surplus food to holiday programmes to ensure that children eligible for free school meals can continue to enjoy nutritious meals.

We also provide resources for teachers to discuss the environmental impact of food waste in the classroom.

What is the Big Give?

The Big Give is the UK's #1 match funding platform. They bring charities, philanthropists and the public together to multiply their impact.

What is match funding?

Match funding means for every pound you give to The Felix Project via the Big Give website from June 14 - 21, The Childhood Trust will also donate one pound. So your donations go even further to help children!

Why should I give today?

Today, many more children face hunger as families struggle with the cost of living crisis. Summer is a particularly difficult time - children who aren't in school won't get free school meals and parents must also manage childcare costs.

Our schools and holiday programme helps the most vulnerable families in London.

If you donate between June 14 - June 21 your donations will be DOUBLED by The Childhood Trust. Don't delay, give today.