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Donations pledged in August could double in December as part of The Big Give!

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Do you know anybody (people and/or businesses) who would be willing to pledge a gift before Friday 30 August?

We have joined a fundraising campaign called The Big Give. All pledges made this August are used as matching funds during an online public Big Give Christmas fundraising campaign from 3rd to 10th December. This will DOUBLE the value of each pledge!

This is such a great opportunity to raise much-needed funds but we realise there is not much time to gather pledges before 30 August. Would you be willing to forward this message onto somebody who might be interested? Our pledge target is £20,000. This could eventually yield £40,000.

£40,000 would help us rescue enough surplus food to make 120,000 meals over Christmas and the New Year which supports some of the most vulnerable people in London including the elderly, homeless, children and families, those suffering from mental health issues, youth and asylum seekers and refugees.

Pledges are a minimum of £100 and do not need to be paid until Christmas. So, at this stage we are simply asking for a promise of a gift from donors and supporters by Friday 30 August. It takes just a minute to make a pledge on The Big Give website* and the form can be found online here.

Campaigns such as this are integral to helping us continue to provide good food for good causes throughout London.

Thank you for taking the time to read this message and for all that everyone does to support The Felix Project.

Kind regards,

Mark Curtin
Chief Executive

PS The pledge form can be found here: http://bit.ly/FelixPledge*

* The form is quick and easy to complete. No financial details are required. You are simply asked to log your contact details on The Big Give pledge form and how you intend to pay your pledge in December. The Big Give’s Privacy Policy can be found here. The Big Give only passes to us your name and email address and we will contact you once in December to explain how you pay your pledge. All financial transactions are via The Big Give.

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