When a friend told me about the Felix Project - I was intrigued

When I started volunteering for the Felix Project, I had no idea what to expect. Working in the fashion industry often feels like I am working for the wrong side. I had the strong urge to volunteer in London, somewhere and do some good but with an irregular work schedule and no experience whatsoever I had no idea where to start.

That’s when a friend told me about The Felix Project - a charity fighting food waste and helping out people in need. I was intrigued, especially by the fact that you could sign up for a shift whenever you are free, which allowed me to sign up despite my crazy work hours.

Starting my first shift, I was a little nervous - as I had never done anything at all in that field and no idea who I was going to work with or what I was going to do.

However I was welcomed by group of friendly, caring faces, which almost immediately felt like a small family. Each of them happy to explain and show me everything, from loading crates into a van, over sorting out donations up to where to get a hot cup of tea.

After finishing my first shift I knew I would be back. And I try coming back at least once a week ever since.

"Working for Felix turned out to not only to be literally fighting evil with good, it ended up being so much more."

There’s always work to be done, always a task to makes yourself useful.

No matter if it’s working in the depot and sorting the crates, taking care of supermarket deliveries in the evening or driving or co-driving around London with a van full of food, waiting to be handed out.

My personal favourite is co-driving, as I lack a driver’s license but am a skilled google maps user and a diagnosed chatterbox.

Working for Felix turned out to not only to be literally fighting evil with good, it ended up being so much more.

Every time I volunteer, I get to meet amazing, like-minded people, who are always up for a good laugh or conversation, making the hours fly by like minutes. I am forever impressed by all the volunteers, who donate their free time to do not only what’s necessary, but literally as much as possible. I get to know charity organisations all over London, where I get to experience the good The Felix Project is doing on a daily. But most importantly get to be part of something bigger, feeling like I can actually give something back.