Green Scheme 2

In Central London, volunteers travel by foot, bicycle or small electric van to rescue same-day food from restaurants, delis and cafes, before delivering the food direct to over 50 charities and schools.

Our walking and/or cycling routes all run from Old Street. Our electric vans run from Soho, Barbican and Victoria.

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What roles are we looking for?

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Green Scheme Walk or cycle to rescue food from cafes & delis and deliver it to charities & schools.
Drivers Drive a small electric van across the city to collect & deliver surplus food.

How the Central London operation works

Marcus Green Scheme

Electric Van Routes:

We have 22 electric van routes that run Monday to Friday in:

  • Barbican/The City
  • Victoria
  • Camden

Green Scheme Routes:

We have 10 walking and/or cycling routes that run Monday to Friday in:

  • Old Street

The scheme operates in the evening and at lunchtime - so you can do it on your lunch break!

With a full-on job and social life it’s easy to stay in a little bubble so volunteering at The Felix Project is actually a great way to counteract a busy life and provide perspective. I also really enjoy driving round beautiful parts of London, one of the very few benefits of lockdown has been having the roads to ourselves.

Amanda , Volunteer Driver in Central London
Volunteer Journey Volunteer Journey