Green Scheme 2

Felix's green scheme is a simple A to B collection and delivery service, collecting end-of-day food from cafes, restaurants and delis and then delivering it for Londoners in need.

Volunteers complete pre-determined routes which collect from various food suppliers and then deliver this food immediately to charities in the local area.

The operation is completely green - we have a fleet of fully electric vans volunteers use on the driving routes, as well as walking and cycling routes where volunteers use a Felix courier bag to distribute food from A to B - either on foot or by bicycle.

We are completely powered by volunteers and are always looking for new recruits to join the team and our food rescue mission. Get involved today!

What could I do?

Walking Thumbnail
Walk a route Walk a route using a Felix courier bag to rescue and deliver surplus food.
Marcus Green Scheme
Cycle a route Cycle a route using a Felix courier bag to rescue and deliver surplus food.
Felix Volunteer loading food from Mash onto a Renault Pro electric van
Drive a small van Drive a small electric van across the city to collect and deliver surplus food
Mark curtin van
Be a van passenger Be the passenger on a driving route, helping to navigate and unload food

When and where can I volunteer?

The operation runs Monday to Friday and there are routes available in the mornings, afternoons, and evenings across various locations in zone 1.

Each shift takes between 1 and 3 hours depending on which route you sign-up to. You choose which routes you complete, and you can even do a shift in the evening after a busy day in the office!

Driving routes for volunteer drivers and co-drivers are currently operating in Victoria, Barbican and Camden.

Green Scheme routes for walkers and cyclists are currently operating in Old Street, Bishopsgate and Marylebone.

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With a full-on job and social life it’s easy to stay in a little bubble so volunteering at The Felix Project is actually a great way to counteract a busy life and provide perspective. I also really enjoy driving round beautiful parts of London, one of the very few benefits of lockdown has been having the roads to ourselves.

Amanda , Volunteer Driver in Central London
Volunteer Journey Volunteer Journey