We deliver food to almost 1000 organisations in London, to help a wide range of people who are vulnerable to hunger and malnutrition in our capital.

Through our charity programme, Felix food reaches families and children, the homeless, the elderly, domestic abuse survivors, refugees, people on low incomes, people struggling with mental health and addiction, and more.

Our food helps 260,000 Londoners every week.


Visit our pre-registration page to understand if your organisation qualifies to receive Felix food, and how to proceed.

Just some of the local organisations receiving our food

On the 23rd we're doing a big Christmas meal and handing out Christmas toys as well. The Felix Project gives us fruit, veg, meat, massive pumpkins, cakes, treats, gluten-free chickpea pasta, plant-based milk, pheasant, lamb. Families depend on us and what we provide.

Michelle Donelly, CEO, Children with Voices

Since coming out of the military my quality of life is a bit up and down. Life isn't easy but everyone has to make the most out of a bad situation. I know I'm going to get a good lunch. The food varies from day to day.

Colin, veteran in North London

Lockdown was a hard time for me. I'm a single parent and it was difficult to receive benefits and manage everything. To get food from Felix...it helped us survive. The Felix Project is doing a great job - it's helped me and I'm sure it's helped a lot of other families who live on low income. 

Mother of 2 children in Tower Hamlets

We would see a lot more hungry children if food from Felix stopped

Tam, Haringey Play Association

Our key worker parents are so grateful to The Felix Project. It’s perfect... they can collect their children and food supplies from school at the same time. When you're working full time, finding time to shop is difficult and often shelves are empty. Thank you for your support.

St Paul's and All Hallows' Schools

We cooked over 300 meals and we’re freezing them so they can be handed out to the needy in the community. We are prioritising the sick and isolated. All the food we have used is donated from The Felix Project.

Vicky Williams , Founder , BreadnButter

For people at the lowest ebb of their lives, make no mistake, Felix is a godsend. And not just for their stomachs – for their state of mind. This food is the difference between health and sickness and, quite possibly, life and death.

Stephen, St Laurence's Larder , Camberlain

We get fresh produce. It’s like it’s off the farm because the quality of the food is so good and so fresh!

Donna , Resident , Housing for Women