It’s vital the people we feed have access to a wide range of food, from fresh fruit and vegetables to bread and milk, but did you know only 5.2% of the food we save is long-life?  

This means families across London may struggle to cover the costs of buying these types of ingredients themselves, basics like rice, pasta, tinned tomatoes, and cooking oil.

We want to address this. Help us build our stocks of these must-have staples and help 1,000s have the crucial cupboard essentials needed to create high-quality, nutritious, and substantial meals.  

We want to DOUBLE the weight we rescue of healthy long-life essentials in June, saving 100 tonnes to support London’s most vulnerable. 

We certainly DO NOT have enough dried foods for our recipients in the community. Each week is a struggle to find something to give to the community. Our lack of supply often means we have to apportion down what we provide to ensure everyone gets something.

Community Food Bank

Most of our families come from Asia and other countries where rice is the main food in almost every meal. We cannot normally afford these so are always dependent on our Felix delivery.

Neighbours in Poplar

Our families are currently under immense financial pressure and really struggling with day-to-day finances including buying food, some families are going without dinner.

Clifton Primary School

It would be amazing to offer people more of what they and their families need, not having the basic necessities in life effects all aspects of health and well being.

Cupboard staples are the basis for any dish. If you have access to these staples, it is much easier to cook a variety of dishes and therefore have a more balanced and healthy diet.

Cooperation Town

We could always use more, especially tins of coconut milk and pulses like lentils and haricot beans. Items like these are essential. It would mean that we could better feed our guests, providing wholesome meals to those in crisis, who need it the most.

The Upper Room

Very bluntly, without enough of this food people don't eat as well, or enough. Staples like pasta, tinned tomatoes etc are the magic ingredients that can turn a sometimes random surplus offering into a nourishing, appetising family meal.

Feed the Hill

We definitely do not have enough cupboard staples in our deliveries. It affects our client group because by not having a balanced diet, in many cases they revert to cheap ready meals.

Harvist Estate Tenants & Residents Association

What We Need 

  • Carbs: particularly rice and pasta
  • Tinned vegetables, beans, chickpeas, and lentils 
  • Tinned fish and meat (particularly Halal) 
  • Cooking oils and ghee 
  • Herbs, spices, and flavourings, inc. salt & pepper 
  • Coconut milk 
  • Tea & Coffee 

We also have shortages of fresh produce, particularly tomatoes, onions, pears and apples. In addition, we lack consistent supply of fish, meat, and tofu. 

Can You Help?

Good Food for Good Causes

The Felix Project is committed to a London where good food is never wasted and no on goes hungry. 1 in 4 working Londoners now struggle to afford to feed their family, in the last 5 years, we’ve rescued enough food to create 121 million meals, delivering to well over 1,000 community partners in some of the most deprived parts of London. 

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