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Register as a member to help us deliver food every day of the year, or support flexibly with a one-off donation. Every £10 pounds donated help us deliver the equivalent of 25 meals, every £200 equal 500 meals! Click here to make your donation today and start rescuing food and feeding people.


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Volunteers in London are at the heart of our organisation. We simply couldn't do what we do without them. You can be based in 3 different London locations, enjoy flexible commitments and different opportunities like drive our vans, helping in depots or even walking a 10,000-step route to distribute food through the streets of Central London. Learn more and join our community of over 400 volunteers!


Want to be a part of #TeamFelix? Join our movement of amazing fundraisers. From half marathons to bake sales, cycle rides to birthday celebrations, there are so many ways you can raise funds for our food rescue mission.

For every £100 you raise, we deliver enough food for 250 meals. This food goes on to be delivered to some of London’s most vulnerable people. By taking on a fundraising challenge for Felix, you are joining our fight against food waste and food poverty.


You can also support our fight against hunger as a company or food supplier.

Each and every contribution from suppliers helps save surplus food, while collaborations at a corporate level allow your company to have a massive impact on local communities in London


Learn about food waste and hunger in London, and how to help fight it!

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We’re a company that works with every seasonable product that’s available in this country, and The Felix Project come every morning to collect our food surplus

Charlie Mash, Founder, Mash

Finishing a shift at the Felix Project, it really feels as if you’ve done something worthwhile, as if you’ve made a contribution - and it makes you feel good about yourself.

John, Volunteer

You know that food is going to come on a certain day, and you don’t have to worry so much

Amy, Resident, Housing for Women

We love the Felix Project. Without the fresh produce, it would limit the service we could offer our guests quite significantly.

Kizzy Anderson, Refuge Support Worker, Housing for Women

Nutritional foods have always been very important for people with HIV. Now having the Felix Project means we can have a wide variety and range of meals every day.

Raj Sutra, Support & Development Worker, The River House Trust

We get fresh produce. It’s like it’s off the farm because the quality of the food is so good and so fresh!

Donna, Resident, Housing for Women