Canary Wharf Green Scheme: Volunteer with Felix in Canary Wharf

The Felix Project and Canary Wharf Group have partnered to launch a new Green Scheme in Canary Wharf.

Green Scheme routes are simple A-B collection routes that volunteers walk or cycle, taking food directly from retailers and delivering it to local charities in need.

The new Canary Wharf Green Scheme will provide over 1,000 meals each week for local charities, saving over 500 kilos of good food from going to waste.

Several retailers on the Estate have already signed up to the scheme, including M&S, Joe Blake’s and Waitrose.

Shobi Khan, CEO at Canary Wharf Group, says: "We have so many people who can play their part, whether they work, live or regularly visit here, and I urge anyone willing to spare a couple of hours to sign up to volunteer and help us get surplus food to those who need it the most.”


The Felix Project is run by volunteers. Thanks to you, we can deliver 30M meals for Londoners in need every year.

Volunteering on the Green Scheme is unique because was designed to fit around your working day. Benefits include:

Developing a deeper understanding of the local area.

Meeting local people.

Getting your step count up!

Through partnerships like this we aim to ensure Canary Wharf is more than just a place to live or work, but a place where you can be connected to the local community and can have a positive social impact.

Shobi Khan , CEO , Canary Wharf Group

In the UK, 4.7m people are struggling with the cost of food. This is an issue we cannot afford to ignore and the situation is critical as the cost-of-living crisis intensifies. Many Londoners are trying to feed themselves on less than £3 a day.

Charlotte Hill , CEO , The Felix Project