Food Industry Asked to Step up and Help Supply Up to Three Million More Meals

The Felix Project is urgently looking for new suppliers to donate their surplus food and help provide up to three million more meals to feed hungry Londoners.

It follows the charity receiving financial support from the Mayor of London to upscale their weekend work and deliver food to community organisations throughout Saturday and maybe Sunday. However to meet the additional deliveries, an extra 50 tonnes of food will be needed each week. The Felix Project is calling on farmers, food manufacturers and caterers to donate additional surplus food so they can meet the demand.

The Felix Project is London’s largest food redistribution charity, it rescues food that would otherwise have ended up going to waste and gives it to around 1,000 charity organisations and schools in every London borough. Every organisation the charity currently supplies is asking for more food and there are over 600 new organisations asking for support. It’s hoped the additional working hours will mean some of these charities can start receiving food. Shane Dorsett, Director of Operations explains more:

“We are hoping, in due course, we will be able take around 100 organisations off the list, but to do so we urgently need more support and to get new suppliers on board. In 2022 The Felix Project rescued more than 12,000 tonnes of food, but that was only enough to supply those already signed up – to cut the waiting list and deliver on Saturday we need more food coming in throughout the week. It’s vital all those in the food industry know we are here, can take their surplus food and redistribute it to those in desperate need.”

The charity currently works with a wide variety of suppliers including farms, manufacturers, wholesalers, supermarkets, restaurants and caterers. Thanks to a donation from HM the King, The Felix Project has been able to increase their freezer capacity and can receive a wide variety of goods which can be frozen and then distributed at a later date. There is also a kitchen where over 3,500 cooked meals are produced and given out every day – meaning the charity can accept surplus food from caterers and restaurants. We can organise gleaning sessions at farms to collect surplus fruit and vegetables and collect premade and packaged food on bikes and in small vans as part of our city centre green scheme.

Donating to The Felix Project will also help companies improve their B-Corp status, our teams work with suppliers to minimise their food waste and improve their sustainability. The food supply team also support in any way they can to make it as simple and effective as possible to donate your food.

Jonathan Wiseman, General Counsel and Chief People Officer at Ocado Retail said: "At Ocado Retail, we’re extremely proud to support a number of charity partners, including The Felix Project. It’s brilliant to work with organisations that share our goal of reducing food waste and ensuring surplus food goes on to feed those in need. The team at the Felix Project is great to work with - they make donating simple by accepting a variety of surplus types and volumes whilst being agile and flexible."

The Felix Project is in urgent need of food as soon as possible, if you would like to help, please contact the supply team on 020 3034 4350 or email [email protected]